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Michael Sullivan is a 40 year old developer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is using a lifetime of skills and professional training to create award winning VR experiences for the world to enjoy!

Being an indie developer doesn't mean working alone.  I've been able to keep up with the workload of a large studio because I know when to ask for help!  Over my 30 years experience in entertainment, music production, computer repair services, website development and information management, I've established many long-term relationships in the industry and now with their help, and my workflow, I'm bringing some of the hottest VR experiences to the industry at a fraction of the time and cost!

I've taken a lifetime of skills that I've learned, and am applying them to a modern quick to market focus to quickly bring your ideas to life.  I have invested over $70,000 into industry standard tools, assets and hardware that allow me to rapidly prototype any idea you may have and keep development costs LOW to you.  By investing and hiring in small indie companies like Elemental Spark, you can really shape the world! Give back to grass roots startups and fund our future!!

As a result of all of this, and a lifetime of studies, my end products look stunning and run phenomenally well on any target platform, like they should!  We can bring new ideas to the table in short brainstorming sessions over SKYpe, Discord and our #SLACK channels to keep you updated, and our conversations private.  I understand discretion and present any idea sessions with NDA's and are prepared with high-level encryption algorithms to protect your data while we work together.

The Office
The Invasion of 2012
The Invasion of 2012
Best Animated VR Music Video 2016

VR Development

Here is where you can go to view our current works in progress.

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Game Console Design

I am licensed and able to develop for ID@XBOX, Playstation 4, PSVita, PS3 and Nintendo

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Spark TV and Media

I have invested my time and money into capturing the world in glorious 4K and sharing those experiences with the world in various formats, including 360 Degree VR Video!  I developed the FIRST VR Music Video "An Unseen Sky VR Experience" and since have helped grow the field around the VR industry.  Much more to come from this department!!

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